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Sierra Trade - 09/11/2023 19:25

Mazovian satellite television center

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We recommend a new technical service for Polsat Box and Canal+ satellite dishes to improve the quality of signal from satellite dishes installed in office complexes and individual buildings. Current customers of digital platforms often have very old antennas which causes interference in the reception of favorite TV programs, especially during bad weather conditions such as strong wind, rain or snow in winter. On top of that, there are problems with coaxial cable exposed to sun and water, which after a few years loses its properties and its attenuation increases. Similarly, the broadband converter located in the focal point of the antenna needs to be replaced every few years with a newer model with a lower noise figure and higher gain.

All the necessary components for maintaining and upgrading a satellite TV set can be purchased at a home improvement store or several installation wholesalers in Warsaw. Also, selected Polsat and Canal Plus showrooms sell antenna accessories and cooperate with good professionals who can take signal measurements for us and, if necessary, replace the entire digital TV set.

Sometimes we suggest videos from the Internet and want to do everything ourselves, but in our opinion it is better to rely on a professional antenna installer, who installs several hundred antennas a year, and thanks to this we will receive a high-quality TV signal.